Simon Laird

Simon Laird   MA DipArch - Principal

Simon is an architect with over twenty years' experience in the design of commercial property, from briefing and masterplanning through building design to space planning, fit-out and furniture design. Trained at the universities of Cambridge and Glasgow, he worked with DEGW in the UK and France and with Michael Laird Architects before establishing Simon Laird Associates in 2003.

After working in Scotland (with Roland Wedgwood) and in Sri Lanka (with Geoffrey Bawa), Simon joined international architectural consultancy DEGW in 1984. With DEGW he was involved in a wide range of briefing, space planning and fit-out work for UK and overseas organisations, and worked for DEGW France in Paris from 1987 to 1989. He joined Michael Laird Architects in 1989, becoming a partner in 1992. He left to establish his own practice in 2003. He has been involved from the earliest stages in office projects for:

- commercial developers including Highland Properties, Whiteburn Projects, Kilmartin Property Group
- owner-occupiers including the Northern Lighthouse Board, Link Group, The WS Society
- office tenants including Biggart Baillie LLP, Morton Fraser Solicitors, Scott-Moncrieff

In addition to conventional design work, Simon has led consultancy projects for major financial sector clients to establish corporate facilities standards and to investigate the implementation of new ways of working. He is responsible for the design of a range of office furniture - including the pioneering Highway service wall - for Esk Furniture Works. Simon is an active member of the British Council for Offices, and was a member of the team responsible for the revised BCO Guide to Specification, published in June 2009.

Euan McDonald

Euan McDonald   MA(Hons) MArch - Senior Architect

Euan is an architect with a wide range of experience in commercial, residential, hotel and conservation work. He worked with us a consultant on Morton Fraser's acclaimed fit-out at Quartermile Two, and accepted our invitation to become a full member of the practice in April 2011. Since then, Euan has been involved with the design and delivery of projects for a range of clients, including CBRE Investors, NHS Health Scotland and Weslo Housing Management.

Lucy Pethick

Lucy Pethick   BA(Hons) - Consultant

Lucy has worked with us as a consultant since 2006. She trained as a textile designer before studying interior design, and has a wide range of previous experience in commercial interiors with MKW, Parr Partnership and Michael Laird Architects. She has been involved with projects for a range of clients, including Biggart Baillie, Morton Fraser and The WS Society.