Biggart Baillie LLP: New Working Environment at Dalmore House, Glasgow

We were engaged to analyse Biggart Baillie's changing working requirements, and to advise on a strategy for meeting these in the firm's existing space on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of Dalmore House. Our study concluded that a fully planned and supported open working environment would provide the best range of benefits for the firm.

Following a wide-ranging tender process, we were appointed as architects for the implementation of the project, which was carried out in three phases; Biggart Baillie remained in the building throughout.

The project was procured by Design & Build. On our recommendation - in a departure from conventional UK practice - the design team was not novated to the Design & Build contractor, but instead remained responsible for ensuring that Biggart Baillie's cost and performance objectives were met.

Biggart Baillie's suite previously provided 178 workplaces (including 28 enclosed offices), 7 meeting rooms, and a library; it now provides 202 workplaces, 20 meeting rooms, 14 individual study areas, a coffee room, a library and a training room.

This challenging project was completed on programme in August 2007, and was delivered within the approved budget.

quantity surveyor:CBA
services consultant:KJ Tait Engineers
design & build contractor:Sharkey