Scott-Moncrieff: Exchange Place 3

Office Fit-Out

We helped Scott-Moncrieff to evaluate a number of buildings as they planned their move from three interconnected townhouses in Melville Street, which had been their Edinburgh office for many years. Exchange Place 3 offered a winning combination of flexibility (both for the firm's use and for the potential sub-letting of future expansion space), spatial interest and - above all - a low-energy, naturally ventilated working environment supporting the firm's commitment to environmental responsibility.

We undertook a detailed investigation of the way the firm worked, and the opportunities the new office could offer in terms of supporting teamwork and fostering inter-team communication. This involved working with groups of staff from all levels of the firm and across all departments, reporting and making recommendations to the partnership's property committee.

The design reflects the openness and freshness to which the firm aspired, and builds on the unusual qualities of this building to produce a working environment that responds to the wide-ranging demands of different parts of a full-service accountancy firm.

The fit-out builds on the low-energy strategy of the base building, and there is no artificial cooling in any part of Scott-Moncrieff's premises - even the comms room. We worked with KJ Tait Engineers to produce a 'Welcome' booklet for all staff, explaining the benefits of the low-energy systems in the building and showing how they could be used to support a responsive, comfortable working environment at all times.

The fit-out was procured by traditional main contract, with Thomas Johnstone Limited as main contractor. Significant savings were achieved against the approved budget, and Scott-Moncrieff occupied the office on schedule in November 2009.

contract value:£565,000
completion date:November 2009
quantity surveyor:CBA
services consultant:KJ Tait Engineers
design & build contractor:Thomas Johnstone Ltd