Tunnels Youth Project, Scotland Street Tunnel/King George V Park, Edinburgh

The project aims to tackle problems of youth disorder and anti-social behaviour in the centre of Edinburgh, by creating a place local young people will be proud of. A site has been identified at the mouth of the disused Scotland Street railway tunnel, at the east end of King George V Park. The aim is to provide an exciting place for young people to hang out, and to create something worthy of this unique piece of urban landscape.

We are working with local Community Police Officers Simon Daley and Greig Stephen and representatives of The City of Edinburgh Council, with the active participation of our client The Friends of King George V Park.

We led a community consultation exercise involving over 100 young people from the two local high schools, together with neighbouring residents and representatives of local amenity groups. This consultation identified a clear set of requirements and aspirations for the project, and led to the presentation of a design strategy in February 2009.

One of the goals of the design strategy is to allow the work to be completed in incremental stages, with the participation of local people. Funding is being sought to begin work on site during the summer of 2009.