Where a building serves a business function, decisions about the building must be related to the business objectives which that function supports. Simon Laird Associates offers a full range of architectural and interior design services, supported by a value-focused approach to the design process. Our particular focus on buildings for business brings with it a rigorous attitude to understanding our clients' needs. The methods we have developed over many years allow us to offer independent consultancy advice in all aspects of the design of commercial space, whether conventional architectural services are required or not.

Since no two circumstances are the same, the idea of a "menu" of services does not really apply: Simon Laird Associates offers tailored consultancy services, based on an understanding of architecture and the world of work, to help those involved with working buildings to make wise decisions at every stage.

Though every project is unique, experience shows that a number of key activities may be identified. These may be led by the business considerations of the building user (the 'demand' side), or of those involved in the design and development process (the 'supply' side).

Ultimately, the creation of an effective working environment will serve the interests of those on both the demand side and the supply side of the design, development and occupation process.