- understanding how people use space
- knowing how buildings work
- designing for real life

We offer a range of architectural, interior design and consultancy services, designed to help people who use buildings to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

We work with commercial and professional occupiers, with developers, with community groups and with private individuals. We seek to understand their current and future requirements, and to achieve a match between these and the characteristics of a building.

From the business occupier's perspective - whether in the context of refurbishing or fitting out existing space, or constructing a new headquarters - meeting this challenge is the key to ensuring that the business is properly supported by its premises over time. From the developer's point of view, simulating patterns of use at design stage is vital in maximising rental value and minimising void periods.

Our work on private houses follows the same use-led pattern: a family's life changes as people grow up or grow older, daily life and special occasions must be accommodated in the same space. We discuss and illustrate these scenarios as part of our interactive design method.

We learn a lot as we work through this process with our clients; we find it immensely rewarding to see them enjoying the benefits of a building that responds to their long-term needs and aspirations.